Statement of Outcome from The Plan: Expand the profile, influence, and credibility of C4's core ministries as we aspire to be regionally located, nationally focused, and globally minded. With an emphasis on preaching and teaching, worship, and our unique ministry offerings, we will seek to create a draw to C4 across an expanded geographical profile and add our voice to the Canadian Christian witness.

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700 new people 1248+ visited

The original 5 year target was to have 700 new people coming to C4 as a result of C4’s outside ministries and engagements. Although there isn’t a way to accurately measure that amount, we do know that over 1248 people have visited the Welcome Centre in this past year alone. C4’s reach has successfully furthered due to the expansion of profile, influence and credibility, which is evident in the strengthening of preaching and teaching ministries, the release of new worship music and the growth of prayer ministry.





Released December 2018
C4 Worship Christmas single entitled “Greater than the Whole World”. Written by C4 songwriters, recorded and produced by our own team, quickly became the anthem for our church during this season.


Released May 2019
'Resurrection Sound' includes six brand new songs that tell the story of God's amazing power and the hope we have as we embark into this new and somewhat unknown season together. Our song of hope will rise, because of Jesus!


Spotify streams in the last 365 days


Apple Music streams in the last



Albums sold on Amazon and iTunes


Resurrection Sound went #1 on iTunes

in Canada on release day

Every buried hallelujah
God is breathing on again
— C4 Worship

Winners of 2 GMA Canada covenant Awards:

Praise & Worship Album of the Year for “what is a mountain”


Inspirational Song of the Year for “I Will Sing”

I Will Sing by C4 Worship was recognized as the 2019 GMA Canada Covenant Award Inspirational Song of the Year. Listen in to this songwriter’s roundtable about the writing process and how this song came to be.


C4 Church Conference

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attended the C4 Church Conference in 2019

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attended the C4 church conference since 2018

In June, we held our second C4 Church Conference with guests from churches across Canada, US and Australia coming to join us. We did this out of a response to all God has taught us so far at C4, and to steward this well by sharing it with others who are leading in the middle of our changing culture. Through times of worship, teaching, and workshops, we believe God really moved in a significant way that will have a lasting impact across the churches that attended.

It was beautiful to watch everyone’s spiritual gifts used to their fullest by each individual volunteering throughout the was very impactful to see what was being taught in action. Was a real blessing...
— C4 Conference Guest



This year, beyond the release of two original albums, we have continued to write and sing more songs inspired by the stories of God at work here at C4 setting people free, moving mountains, and bringing prodigals home.

The C4 songwriting team has written dozens more songs this ministry year in response to all that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are doing amongst us.  We've had two songwriting retreats to facilitate this, regular gatherings on Wednesday nights to write, and teaching at songwriting workshops to disciple and raise up more C4 people to write songs to point us to Jesus.


C4 Worship Events

C4 Worship at All Ontario Youth Convention, Waterloo

C4 Worship at All Ontario Youth Convention, Waterloo

  • As word spreads of what God is doing at C4 and our worship ministry, we have been invited to be part of events outside our church, which are serving, inspiring and encouraging the wider church.

  • October 2018 - Alpha retreat at Muskoka Woods

  • December 2018 - P2C+ Conference with Power to Change in Toronto

  • February 2019 - Today’s Teens Conference at The Meeting House in Oakville

  • May 2019 - All Ontario Youth Convention at Wilfrid Laurier University in Waterloo

  • June 2019 - C4 Church Conference

  • Also 700 Club Canada appearances in October 2018 and May 2019

Peace will be my portion
In Your hands, I’m held
— C4 Worship

Pastor Jon's book: 'convergence'


Pastor Jon’s first book, ‘Convergence,’ was released in late 2018, as well as a video-based curriculum to accompany it.

The book is about the convergence of spiritual gifts, spiritual disciplines, and spiritual experiences. The book encourages individuals and churches through Pastor Jon's teaching and, in part, telling the story of what God has done at C4. You can pick up a copy from the C4 Lobby or on Amazon.

The video segments are available through and RightNow Media. They were filmed in a variety of styles of churches around the GTA, from more traditional to more contemporary, all to illustrate that the principles of this book are applicable across all styles of church.


jon's preaching ministry

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Pastor Jon has continued to grow his teaching ministry outside of C4 this ministry year. 

  • Professor of Spiritual Warfare Course at Tyndale University, Toronto, ON

  • Tyndale University Alumni interview, Toronto, ON

  • Keynote Speaker at Fellowship Pacific Conference, Vancouver, BC

  • Co-Chair of the Global ALPHA Campaign for the Greater Toronto Area 2017-Present, London, UK and Toronto, ON

  • Alpha Staff training, Vancouver, BC

  • Keynote Speaker at Breakforth One 2019, Edmonton, ON

  • Guest on the 700 Club

  • Speaker at PAOC Pastors gatherings 2018, Toronto and Ottawa, ON

  • Speaker at Trinity Western University 2018, Langley, BC

  • Guest Podcast Speaker and Blogs: Carey Nieuwhof, Ann Voskamp, Rich Birch, Joanna la Fleur

I felt the Lord saying it is a time of letting go of some things and of taking hold of things! Also I was greatly impacted by Pastor Jon’s vulnerability when speaking and sharing of his journey as Pastor in the past 10 years at C4.
— C4 Conference Guest


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How to discover your true calling and gifting and why operating outside of either can be exhausting and dangerous

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Why creatives need more biblical literacy, and the very real danger of making visuals into idols in our visual culture

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What if John Stott, John Wimber, Dallas Willard & Andy Stanley Planted a Church with Jon Thompson?

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Why Jesus needs to be more than our Lord and Saviour for the church to thrive in a post Christian world