Statement of Outcome from The Plan: We will purposely develop a wide range of bridge-building events to reach out to our region and beyond. We will be very intentional about training people at C4 on how they can engage and bring those who are not followers of Jesus to C4 where they can come to a place of belonging and believing. 

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1000 baptisms 459 baptisms

From the beginning, Pastor Jon and Pastor Dave have said that this goal was “an audacious faith quote”. But the fact that 459 people have chosen to make a public proclamation of faith through baptism should not be minimised. We celebrate with each and every baptism, as we believe for the many more to come!




Baptism Sundays are exciting, uplifting, and LOUD days at C4. There's nothing like when someone comes up out of the water and the whole congregation stands to their feet to celebrate big about Jesus' work in someone's life. We had the privilege of witnessing some amazing stories this year. God is raising people to new life in Christ!


Baptisms this Year

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Baptisms since 2014

What a great Sunday morning. After watching the baptisms, now my boys are asking if they can be next!

The Care Fund


Here at C4, our vision is to become a regional church of 10,000 that not only meets the spiritual needs of people, but also their physical and emotional needs. There are people right here at C4 who are going through difficult life circumstances and we can help. That’s where the Care Fund comes in. When you give to the Care Fund, all the money goes directly to those in need.


We use the funds for emergency relief for our congregants who find themselves in short-term financial crises because of things like illness or loss of jobs. Further, because our focus here at C4 is on equipping them for their own future growth, we also use these funds to provide support and counselling to equip people to change their lives for the better and free them from the barriers that are holding them back in their walk with God.

The Care Fund is a very important part of how we do care at C4 and how we show the love of Jesus Christ to those in need. When everyone gives a little, we can make a big difference. Thank you for your generosity. We’re all in this together!

Oh the hands that were nailed to a tree
Hold the weight of the world
They’re reaching out for me
— C4 Worship

Partner Updates


Every month a team from C4 meets and prays for those serving with Partners International’s Bangladesh Baptist Church Fellowship. The main prayer was for their Centennial Celebrations, which took place in February. We celebrate God’s provision for 100 years of ministry. The team also continues to build relationship with the pastors involved in the Bangladesh adopt-a-village program.

This year the C4 team also joined the Loving Muslims Together initiative and have adopted a mosque in Ajax and are committed to praying and are identifying opportunities to minister to Muslims locally.


In September C4’s global partner representative from JKPS Smita Singh Director of Mahima Homes, attended C4’s Women Connect. She shared ministry highlights and showed testimony videos of lives changed through the work of our partners.

This fall a C4 team will visit Kolkata, India and will come along side the partners to assist them in their human trafficking prevention efforts. Please pray for the team as they raise funds and prepare for the trip.


At the beginning of October, a team from C4 travelled to Uganda to visit the Pastoral Training Program leaders and the staff of Jinja Connection, global partners through iTeams.  Time was spent encouraging the national leaders and each of the team members were profoundly impacted by the dedication of the ministry staff and their stories of encountering God.

In April C4’s 60+ age group hosted an ‘Engage in Mission’ event and heard stories from the team who travelled to Uganda. Also this past May, a group of C4 individuals served at the Annual African Tea fundraiser. Over $12,500 was raised for Jinja Connection, a ministry serving homeless youth in Uganda. 

Watch this video to see what the short-term trip team experienced:

C4 Team for Uganda 2018

C4 Team for Uganda 2018

Boys from Jinja Connection

Boys from Jinja Connection

The Lamb has overcome,
every battle is won.
Death has lost its power,
to His infinite love!
— C4 Worship

Local PArtners

The Refuge works with homeless and street involved youth in Oshawa. Throughout this ministry year individuals from C4 volunteer on the first Friday of each month preparing and serving a meal at the Refuge. In February the C4 kids Ministry focused on equipping kids to serve others and raised over $500 for the Refuge. In March C4 came along side The Refuge, to host the Durham Region homelessness prevention conference. Many attended and were inspired to join in the activities aimed at preventing those at risk of homelessness to ever get to that point.

SafeHope Home is a Durham Region-based organization that provides housing and long-term recovery programs for victims of sexual exploitation and trafficking. Alpha was offered to the participants of SafeHope Home and lives were changed. We celebrated with one participant who got baptized in January as a result.

The Pregnancy Help Centre runs 3 drop in centers for individuals who are distressed due to pregnancy. A group of individuals from C4 regularly volunteer in the centres meeting with clients and organizing donations.

C4 also continues to support 12 missionary households who were commissioned by C4 Church and are serving worldwide through various mission sending agencies. Each are ministering meeting the emotional and spiritual needs of the vulnerable and unreached in Jesus’ name.

What is over my head, is under your feet!
— C4 Worship