Statement of Outcome from The Plan: We will continue to promote an environment of generosity at C4. Primarily through sacrificial giving, we will implement a plan to ensure that C4 has enough financial capacity to meet its operational and capital plans. We will also seek out mutually beneficial strategic partnerships to aid in the achievement of our vision. 


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$150,000 $150,273.83

In order to promote an environment of generosity at C4 and to have enough financial capacity to meet operational needs, a $150, 000 cash reserve goal was set at the beginning of the 5-year strategic plan. We celebrate the sacrificial giving that led to the surpassing of our goal!

C4 Income Statement Comparison
(Cash Basis)

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Such a powerful sermon. I wish I could have brought a few friends to hear this message this morning. Thank you Pastor Jon for your dedication to communicating the Word to us.

vision fund

This year, the Vision Fund goal was $300,000 and we raised $314,685.69 for our Care Fund, our Global Partners in Uganda, and to fund the launch of C4 Pickering. 

Each year, major projects will be added to the Vision Fund as C4 Church's needs evolve and change. These can be projects like large renovations, future C4 sites, and significant equipment purchases.

I learned that God is sovereign and perfect in a way that we may never understand on this side of Heaven. Instead of bitterness and depression, I received peace that surpasses all understanding.
— Peter Lin

new ways to give


As we get more digital and internet based in our own lives, we want to ensure our congregation has the same opportunities for giving.

Here are all the ways to give:

Amazing service! Truly felt the presence of our faithful God! Well done all of you!
The war is won!
— C4 Worship