Statement of Outcome from The Plan: We believe our people are our "brand" and optimizing their gifts is key to our success. Therefore we will disciple the overwhelming majority of people at C4 using our unique key practices. Our aim is to have a unified church family that authentically engages visitors, community members, and the world at large. Understanding and embracing the C4 culture will be crucial to passing on the unique DNA of our church.

C4’s mission is to glorify God by enabling people of all ages to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. We practice this through our vision to become a regional church of 10,000 meeting the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of people in Jesus’ name. Our fundamental values communicate what’s important to us at C4. Like many churches these are values that guide us in our decision-making, but are not particularly unique to C4 Church.

It is our Core Values that help create the unique C4 culture of warm welcome, personal connection, serving together, preaching and worship style, and use of media and creative arts. Each person who is part of C4 builds upon this culture as we work together to enable people to become fully devoted followers of Jesus. Click below for more information about C4's Core Values.

What First Time Visitors Notice First

“I noticed the wonderful greeters at the door, who were so helpful in explaining how to enrol my children in their respective C4 Kids rooms. They took the time to walk our family to the rooms ensuring that the children were settled. This was a great first impression!”


What first time visitors liked best

“A current & vibrant church with a very diverse crowd and attendees of all ages.”


C4 volunteer Spotlight: Caleb Weir


Question 1: Where are you from and how long have you been at C4?

I currently live in Bowmanville (woo hoo East Durham!). I was born in Barrie, and grew up in Lindsay, Ontario. I have been attending C4 since April of 2016!

Question 2: What are you looking forward to this summer?

Getting back into playing worship music and preparing to use it at Durham College next school year! I am also excited to grow relationships with close friends, and gaining experience in the Security Industry which would help me prepare for the RCMP. 

Question 3: What service do you attend? (i.e. Are you an early bird or a night owl?)

I attend the 11:15am service in Ajax, and also the 7pm Young Adults. That is, when my work allows me to have Sunday off. I am a Security Guard and work from 9am-9pm on Saturday and Sunday. I am definitively a Night Owl!

Question 4: Where do you serve and what do you love about it?

I serve as a Sr. Youth Leader with high school students. What I love about serving at C4 is seeing the lives of the youth touched by the Lord. I love being able to walk into Youth on a Thursday night and see the Lord touch the lives of youth. There is never a dull moment, as well, the community and relationships that are built are amazing! I have seen the lives of youth changed and grown in the year that I have volunteered. I also love the growth and relationship of the leadership team. If I am going through a rough part of life I know I have a team of people that will pray for me and help me through. Community, Relationship, Growth, and Mentorship is why I love to serve!

Question 5: What’s something great that happened at C4 this year that you experienced personally?

So much has happened to me at C4 this year! Through volunteering as a Youth Leader, I have grown spiritually as well as individually. It is hard to choose one favorite moment. However, I will go with how the Lord has helped me understand his Power, and use it to grow his Kingdom. For approximately 5-6 months my right shoulder was in a lot of pain, to the extent that it was hard to fall asleep and even drive a car! I went for healing prayer and the Lord decided to begin the healing process himself. Today, my shoulder has had very little pain, and I have been able to get back into doing everyday tasks with my shoulder instead of compensating. This is a big moment in my faith because I personally experienced the Power of the Lord in a way that I never had before. Also, I am preparing for the RCMP (another Jesus moment) and it is vital that I have a healthy shoulder to pass the physical requirements and skills! I wanted to lead by example for the youth that I mentor. I always tell them to step out in faith if the Lord calls you into a task. The Lord called me for healing prayer and I obeyed. I use this story to help some youth understand the Power of the Lord and that stepping out in faith is vital for growth.