The baxter's Story

Sam & Becki Baxter, plus Lincoln (5), Bronson(4), and Michael (7mos)

Sam & Becki Baxter, plus Lincoln (5), Bronson(4), and Michael (7mos)




How long have you been attending C4? What location?

We regularly attended C4 since the Spring of 2013. Though we first attended at Ajax, we helped to launch C4 North Durham in October 2015 and are committed to attending there. A large part of Sam’s family are from the Port Perry area and so it’s been great being able to do church with them since they have started attending that location, too. 

What are you looking forward to as a family this summer?

Finishing up renovations and getting to experience the summer at our old farm house we moved into this past January just outside of Peterborough. Also hoping for some time at the family cottage up in Bancroft!

Favourite music for family car rides? 

Needtobreathe Live album (The boys like Rock & Roll…so does Dad)

What’s something that happened at C4 this year that you experienced (or witnessed in someone else’s life) that was awesome?

We had a child this year…that is neat! Becki has served in Women’s Connect for the past 4 years and seeing growth in the lives of the women who attended as well as witnessing new women rise up to take over leadership as she finishes her time there. 

Why does your family give financially to C4?

We give out of obedience to God, understanding that it's not our money. We are stewards of God’s gifts to us, both financially and spiritually. Because we do church at C4, we are committed to honouring him with our money and our spiritual gifts. 

How would you encourage someone else to give to C4? 

We’d encourage them to pursue God and see for themselves what He says in His word about giving to the church. It has become a sensitive topic that we tend to skirt around not wanting to offend or make things all about money,  but the Bible is pretty clear on what God expects of us. Not only that, it is also for our own benefit - it’s been the best reminder that it is not our money to give, save, spend, etc. He is always faithful and will provide all our needs - so when we are being obedient to him, we don’t have to worry about all the rest.

Any family practices you use to teach generosity to your kids?

We actually haven’t purposefully started this process yet - we are still working on sharing the Lego haha! We are trying to establish gratefulness and thankfulness for all they have. From there we plan to teach about generosity.