Spirit Move: What an amazing year we've had across all areas of ministry at C4. Truly, the Holy Spirit has moved amongst us. Based out of our 5-year strategic plan called "The Plan", we are seeing plans and promptings come to life in the 6 "C's" below. Check each of them out to see what's happened this year and let us thank God for his faithful presence and power.

Year over year of The Plan, C4's Vision remains the same: To become a regional church of 10,000 meeting the emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of people in Jesus' name.

C4's Mission carries the same heart as the whole Church in our region and the church around the world: To glorify God by enabling people of all ages to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.




Engaging weekend celebration experiences that will communicate the message of Jesus to all ages and stages.


Foster an environment where people can connect with God and each other in a highly relational smaller setting.



Ensure that everyone clearly understands and is encouraged to embrace our discipleship ethos.



Intentionally build bridges to our "glocal" community as a means of compassion and hospitality.



Have a balanced financial plan to fund all current and future ministry needs.



Expand C4's core strengths influence to larger spheres as a means of sharing what is happening in our church


A message from dave adams

- Lead Pastor

I am so proud of you, C4 Family. And I am so grateful to God for you.

This year you gave so generously to our budget. You worshipped so exuberantly in our times together. You served and sacrificed to see many be enabled to become fully devoted followers of Jesus. We prayed with great expectation of a Spirit Move, and I believe we have seen one together.

I have loved our times together, and I have loved hearing story after story of how God has moved in your own lives; not just on Sundays or in Connect Groups, but throughout the weeks when we are apart. Our church has grown, both in devotion and numbers.

I hope you'll enjoy these stats and numbers as much as I do, because they represent the move of the Holy Spirit amongst us. As you read, remember each number represents one of our family members. May your reading be part of your worship, and let us worship and give thanks with a thousand hallelujahs!



A message from Jon thompson

- Preaching and Vision Pastor

We begin and end our year together in the amazing book of Acts. We have seen more than just glimpses of the power of God amongst us. The miraculous expansion of the Kingdom of God through the early Church is not just left on the pages of Acts that we studied, but it is found in the Spirit Move around us.

Spirit Move. Christmas and Easter. Baptism Sundays. Care and Wellbeing. New songs. New friends. Connect Groups. Times in prayer together. Ajax renovations. Growth and strength in North Durham. Looking towards East Durham.

Thank you for leaning in this year, and seeking the Lord together. I am encouraged and grateful for you and it is an honour to teach you and pray for you. Enjoy this report. Stop to reflect and celebrate what God has done in your life and in C4 this year.